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  • Reasons to submit your essays to the journal:
    • Having an essay published in the QMHJ is a great way to get your work noticed. Print editions are kept by the British, Senate House and Queen Mary Libraries. Having an essay published in an academic journal would be a useful CV booster and talking point in job interviews, or a help in post-graduate degree applications.
    • Previous contributors have gone on to careers in the law, publishing and management as well as into further academic study at universities including the LSE and Durham.
  • Reasons to take part in peer reviewing:
    • The teamwork, organisational and analytical skills involved in peer reviewing all help enhance a CV. In joining the Queen Mary History Journal editorial team you demonstrate the get up and go employers desire.
    • As well as increasing your employability, the chance to critique and edit undergraduate essays will help improve your own writing and make you stand out as an exceptional student.
    • Another positive outcome of joining QMHJ is the number of creative and like-minded individuals you’ll get to meet. The sort of people who love History enough to run a journal in their spare time tend to get along with one another!
  • Events:
    • By coming to our events you will have opportunities not just to listen to renowned academics speak, but to mix with them socially afterwards. QMHJ socials provide a relaxed and informal academic environment – where else would you get to quiz a lecturer about their ideas whilst consuming a free glass of red and a Dorito?
    • They are also a chance to socialise with fellow-students outside of the seminar room.
    • If you join our committee you will be involved in the organisation of events as well as the production of our online and print publications. Choosing the theme for each month gives us scope to indulge in our own personal tastes. For example the ‘Intellectual History’ edition was the brain-child of sub-editor Oscar and Editorial Team member Romain; Editing-team member Claire suggested ‘Red’ February and Social Secretary Aman came up with ‘Boom and Bust’ for March.