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About Us

A student-led publication founded in September 2011, which brings together essays produced by the QM's undergraduate History students and provides students with the opportunity to publish work in an officially-recognised, academic journal.

The Queen Mary Undergraduate History Journal, founded in September 2011, is the first student-led printed history journal in the country. The Journal brings together essays and articles produced by Queen Mary’s undergraduate History students and provides them with the opportunity to see their work in an officially published scholarly journal. Available at the Queen Mary Library, the British Library and soon at Senate House Library, students are able to showcase their work to peers and faculty in some of the most prestigious libraries in the world.

We encourage students to get involved during their time as an undergraduate by joining our social events, writing essays or becoming part of the committee. It is a fantastic chance to develop key skills, boost your CV, meet new people, and be part of a well-recognised, original venture whilst at Queen Mary.