Hello and welcome to the Queen Mary History Journal. We are an undergraduate academic journal run by and for students. With the creation of this website, we are expanding from our established format of 2 paper publications a year with the introduction of regular online editions and a blog. The New Year and Summer editions will still be available in printed form. You can also check out our blog for any news updates from QMHJ.

Counter-balance to the regular journal’s formal nature (all submissions must be marked essays, anonymised and peer-reviewed before selection) the blog gives students the opportunity to write less formal and non-course-related pieces. Non-History students are also able to write for the blog, though they are not eligible to submit to the journal. Blog articles can be submitted any time at this address: historyjournal@qmul.ac.uk

We are also open for academic submissions all year round and any marked essay regardless of the grade is eligible. Essay submissions should be sent to this address: historyjournal@qmul.ac.uk

We encourage re-writes, so if your feedback included suggestions for improvement please act on these before you send it to us. Some of the best essays we’ve previously printed did not initially receive a first, but were suitable for publication after such revision.

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Best Wishes,

The Journal Team.